About Us

We are a team with passionate developers and great designers trying to make your life easier and tensionless, work less by providing you different types of Business Software, Mobile Apps, Websites, IP/Security Camera services, etc. We are on a service to make your life easier so that you can get more time to relax, think about other businesses, and spend more time with family and friends.


Best Things Need Efforts And Hard Work

Khan Classroom
Khan InfoTech is a platform where people can learn and develop their skills in various sectors. Khan InfoTech provides paid and free video courses, podcasts, and articles people can watch the courses online and after watching any course they will get a certificate.
Khan Warehouse
Khan Warehouse is an eCommerce platform both for wholesalers and retailers. Khan InfoTech wil be up and running soon with the best offers.
Khan UXUI is a platform to get the best UX/UI designs for your projects. Khan UXUI sells designs and also does custom designs based on clients' requirements.

How We Work

We listen to you
The very first thing we do is that we listen to your idea very carefully. Then we look into deeper ourselves and research on your idea.
We start planning and doing mockups and designs
After getting your clear idea and demand we focus on planning and doing mockups and trendy UX/UI design.
We start coding it and promotiong it (if you want) after alpha and beta test
After getting the designs done, we start coding and make the project done as your demands and requirements. Then if you want we go for promoting your product.